Saturday, March 28, 2009

mY 21sT bIrThDaY!!

I Had an AWESOME 21st Birthday!

Friday morning, Brooke surprised me by bringing me Balloons and a little surprise wrapped in Pink. My favorite color! Thanks Brooke!
Friday I went out to lunch to Cafe Rio with the girls from work.
Friday night we went to Benihanas for dinner with my family. After dinner my grandma brought over a little chocolate cake.

Saturday we went to Breakfast with my family. After breakfast Brian, Brittany, Preston, Greg, and I went down to Gateway to go shopping. Britt and I mainly shopped while the boys hung out. The weather ended up being perfect, not to cold and not too hot! After we were done shopping we needed to kill some time before our dinner reservations, so we went down to the Subaru dealership..the boys were dieing to just go look at cars. Britt had to try one of the Subaru STI's out because she is getting excited to drive, even though she still has a long while to go.
After that we still had a little bit of time so we went to Liberty Park and just walked around. (A Lot of Walking for Britt and I! Lol) Eventually, when it was time for dinner we headed over to the Melting Pot:) We had cheese fondue for our appetizer and then chocolate for our dessert. It was soooooo DELICIOUS! It's a little pricey, but it's worth it! Especially if you don't go there very often or even if it's just for a special occasion.
Brian, Me, Brittany, Preston, & Greg
Brittany, Preston, & Greg
mmm...look at all the yummy things you get to dip into the Chocolate Fondue!I had to call it an early night even though we still had all these other plans for the evening like going to see a movie and stuff, but I ended up getting sick after we got home from dinner:( Yeah it really sucked and the only reason I can think of why I got sick is because I wore myself out with all walking and not eating or drinking anything since breakfast:/ I'm glad no one else got sick!
Sunday we got together with some of Brian's family; Jennifer, Lacey, Stew, Dave, Jane, and Kent. They made Tritip, salad, homemade oreo ice cream, and brownies.

All weekend I had some really YUMMY food! Thanks to everyone for a Great Birthday!

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