Sunday, December 28, 2008

After Christmas Fun

It was crazy how much snow we got in such little time! We couldn't believe our eyes! The boys of course got this brilliant idea that they wanted to build an snow fort or igloo type thing with all the snow we had gotten. So after a couple nights of shoveling snow off of the lawn and any other places they could get snow they made this BIG mound. It seriously is much bigger in person!! They have got the snow packed down really good and are waiting to begin to dig out the inside. It will be interesting to see how long it will hold. But it has kept them busy and they've had a lot of fun doing it:) I'll post more pictures once they have the inside carved out!

Yes, I know some of these are kind of random but I got a new Camera for Christmas from Brian, and I am so excited to be using it and I love taking pictures!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Pictures

Here are a couple pictures from Christmas Day... After I got my new camera:) I still need to post some more, but here are a few.

Ron and Carol Gilbert (Brian's Grandparents)
Me and Bri in our new hoodies:)
Brian and Brent (his dad)


It's crazy how quick the Holidays come and go! This year for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we were running all over, just so we could spend time with the ones we love!:) It was kind of hectic and tiring but it was all worth it! Even if it ment we had to drive in the snow. We just wanted to say...

Glitter Graphics & Comments everyone for such an awesome Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Work Christmas Parties

Around this time of year it's nice when Companies do work Christmas Parties, especially if you get some good prizes out of it!
On December 11 The, Brian's work, had their annual Christmas party at Cowboy Grub. They bought dinner and dessert for all employees and their dates. After dinner they had the waitresses come in and judge all of the "Ugly Sweaters" to see who would win the prize. Most of the Employees wore their ugly sweaters and yes I will have to say some of them were Very UGLY!! After that they had a game for everyone to play. They gave every participant a gift bag with something in it, but you couldn't open it until the we had no idea what was inside. At the end of the game everyone opened the gifts, everyone got a type of candy or food and a gift card to various places.
On December 13 Arrowhead Dental Lab, the company I work for, had their Christmas Party at The Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point. They served dinner, had pictures, a game that included the entire audience and then raffled off the rest of the door prizes for all of the gift cards. I won a gift card to Asian Star...mmm I love that place. They also had another drawing for an "Enchanted Evening". Tickets were only $3 and all proceeds went to a Charitey. I bought a ticket thinking it would be really cool if I won and if not the money went to a good cause. To my surprise they called my name! I was very excited, it's dinner for 2 to La Caille and a gift card to the movies. I've never been and can't wait to go!:)
We enjoyed both parties! Thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Here are a couple photos from work:
Dave, Preston, & Brian in their "Ugly Sweaters"

Brooke, Brenda, Gina, Connie, & Jessica
Congrats to Brooke! The lucky girl who won a 16GB iPod Touch from the door prize raffle!
Brooke & Connie working away!
Brooke & Little Mason

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!

Hurry and put up the Christmas tree, lights, and decorations! Get all your shopping done, along with all of the other thousands of other people doing the same. Lol it's funny how so many people wait til the last minute to go buy gifts, but in the end they get a gift for everyone they needed to buy for:) Good luck to everyone who still has shopping left to do! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and travels safely to all their destinations they need to go!
Take this Christmas Icon


I can't believe I waited this long to go and see the movie! I was really kind of nervous about seeing it because I LOVE the books so much, I didn't want to ruin them. That's why I can't get myself to finish the 4th book lol I'm not ready for it to end:( But Any Who...Another thing that has held me back were the mixed reviews I kept getting from everyone. Yes, I know everyone has their own opinions and I like to hear I had to go see the movie myself and get my own opinion. I am so glad we went and saw it!!! I know not everything in the movie matches the books perfectly, but they did a pretty good trying. I'm glad I read the books before seeing the movie because then I have my own image of what I feel like the characters look like. It was so worth it:) I got so into the movie that I didn't realize it was time for it to stop because that's all the first book reviled. Now I want to re-read the books all over, and go see the movie again! But I have to wait until Winter Break Arrives and then I will be reading. To my surprise Brian didn't mind Twilight and actually enjoyed it, which made me happy that it wasn't like another chick flick movie for him. I can't wait for the next Twilight movie!! They better hurry and get it filmed and out in theaters!! Lol like that ever happens...but all you can do is wish.
Thanks To Brian, Preston, Jennifer, Lacey, and Stew for a fun evening:)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Count Down Until Christmas!

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas everyday!!! The only problem is.... there is NO Snow:( "What the is the problem?" Without snow it doesn't feel like it's even December. With snow it puts a little Christmas cheer in the air and everyone gets into it. Even if we were to get a little snow in the valley and then tons in the Mountains it would be awesome!! We need snow ASAP so we can use our snowboarding passes to Brighton. Hopefully the weather man will change his forecast within the next week so we can go boarding! :)