Tuesday, March 31, 2009

JHS Prom 2009

Lacey went to Prom on March 27th, 2009! One of her close "Boy" Friends asked her to Prom. She's not quiet 16 to date, but she passed with her parents and was able to go. Her birthday is May 10th, so she was close enough to being 16. Lacey ended up going to Jordan High School's Prom because her date goes there. From what I understood, he orginally was suppose to go to Hillcrest High School but ended up moving into Jordan Boundaries. Anywhoo... Lacey looked gorgeous in her dress! It was cute when she would start talking about her date and someone would comment on something she said, she would bluss a little:) Hope you had a great time Lacey Lou! I want to see all the pictures when you get them back! Here are a couple that her Dad (Stew) took before the dance:
Lacey & Nick (Her "Boy"friend)
Lacey's Friends: Lacey, Brittne, & Jordan
Lacey & her mom ( Chris)

Awe..Father Daughter Picture!
Stew & Lacey


The Calls said...

Lacey looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

The Idahoans said...

I hope you had a great birthday! Sorry I am so late:(