Thursday, March 26, 2009

Drivers License

Well, I had to go get my drivers license renewed today. Oh yippe what an exciting time! Lol not really but anywhoo...It had to be done today because the state works four tens and are not open on Friday. I DO NOT want to chance a ticket for having an expired license, I'd rather spend the money else where.
At the DMV, when the employee was entering my information into the computer he kept asking me if I was from Tennessee, if I had lived there, or recently received a ticket in Tennessee, and all these random things if I had done anything in Tennessee. That kind of made me a little weirded out because there could be someone with my same name in Tennessee. Lol I know there are a lot of duplicated names throughout the world, but today it just made me kind of think that someone out there could very easily have the same name as me and I don't even know! Crazy to think about!!

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