Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lunch With The Girls

A couple weeks ago a group of people went to lunch to celebrate Tasha's last day at work before she left for maternity leave and to see some of the recent employees that worked at Arrowhead; Gina and Shelly! Gina was let go during January of 2009, because there was "a lack of work" in the lab. Everyone misses her so much! I'm glad that she found a job! It's a plus that she doesn't work too far away...about 2 blocks away lol.
Here are a couple pictures...not everyone is in them, they headed back to work early.

Brenda & Gina

Me, Brooke, Connie, Brenda, & Gina

Me & Gina

Brooke & I

Thanks for a Fun Lunch! We will have to do another one soon!

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