Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Little Bit About Max & Missy

Look at these cute dogs! We decided to take some photos of them since they just got a hair cut a not too long ago. It's Max's first haircut since living with Brian's family. He use to have a cute homely look to him because he's previous hair cut wasn't the best, but now after this haircut he looks cute! Brian's family got Max August 16, 2008. The family he was living with previously had just got him a couple months prior before having to get rid of him for living conditions. Luckily Brian's family was able to give him a home. If not Max would've been taken to the Humane Society that night:/ Any Who... It's been really fun having another dog at their house even though sometimes he can have so much energy he is like a little terrorist. He keeps Missy on her feet and always going. In these Pictures they are posing for the camera because they like all the attention.



As you can see there are more pictures of Missy than Max....that is because she can hold still longer and dosen't have to be moving 24/7 :) Lol It also helps because Missy loves having her picture taken and has had been posing for them her whole life!
Ages: -Max is about 2 years old (Brian's Family has had him for almost 2 and a half months)
- Missy is 7 years old (Brian's Family has had her since she was a little puppy)
They look like little Teddy Bears! Lol

I Love these dogs! They are so fun to be around, every time some one shows up they get so excited. Max & Missy usually bark like crazy, sometimes they will start whining, or freak out until you enter the house and then start jumping all over you like they haven't seen you in forever (even if it had only been 5 mins). If your not having the best day and you go over to their house the dogs are always right there to make you feel better or atleast help a little by putting a smile on your face.

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