Friday, June 5, 2009

New Subie!

Yes, Brian got a new car! The car he's wanted in the LONGEST time!! You may think he is crazy, but it's a great decision in the long run. The biggest concern on his last car, WRX 2003, was it had a lot of miles. As many of us know, after so many miles or even hundreds of miles, your eventually going to run into problems that cost more than the actual car.
Brian had been randomly looking online at all the Subaru's for sale, mainly during the slow times at work. Keep in mind it was only to look and not to buy. During the time he came across a couple different cars he liked, he did the research on them and all the fun stuff. He quickly began to releazied that his WRX was a lot nicer and cleaner than any of the other cars we had seen. If you don't already know Bri is very meticulous with his car. He is a clean freak...mainly with his car, it always has to be clean! No matter if it still looks clean.
Anywhoo...on with the story, He found a 2006 STi at Nate Wade Subaru and wanted to go check it out. So I thought ok we can go look, it probably won't be as clean as he is hoping so it will be ok. Well, I was wrong! It was spotless in scratches, rust, dents, and looked almost brand new! We were totally shocked at how clean it was!
When we first got there, we had to wait for the car to return to even look it because someone else had it out for a test drive. Finally, when the car arrived back to the dealership, we could only look at it beacuse the people ahead of us were wanting to fill out a loan application. So took a quick look at it and left. A little reminder: these cars are hard to find in excellent condition, low miles, etc.
About twenty minutes later, the salesman who had helped us called and said the people backed out and the car was avaliable to be test driven. So we headed back to give it a test drive. The guy was nice enough to let us bring it all the way home to show Brian's parents.
We talked about the pro's and con's of getting the car and found there to be more pro's. So he made the decision of buying the car, on June 2. We left the new car at the dealership until the next day (June 3rd) because we needed to take off as many of the mods as possible. The next day he picked up his STi and left his WRX. He is loving his new car! He is dying for a nice day without rain to clean and detail it.

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