Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Weekend - Spring Break

For the weekend we went to Escalante with Brian's family. We had a great time and we even go to take the dogs!! While we were down there the weather was kind of iffy...off and on with rain, hail, and sunshine. Yeah, quiet a mix right? We did a lot of walking and hiking in the great outdoors. After we arrived Friday afternoon we had about 30 mins before we went on our 1st hike for the day. We were told it wasn't very long, just a short nice hike, which we Brian and I thought would be nice after sitting in the car all day. A couple hours later we are like, "are we there yet?" And of course there were no bathrooms anywhere on the trail, only bushes!! haha yeah and to make thing even more eventful, there was a stream/river close to the trail. Only one problem...the sound of running water makes you really need to go even more! Anywhoo...at the end or of this hike was a beautiful waterfall! It's unbelievable how beautiful and amazing nature really is! After arriving home that day we went to Easter Dinner at my Grandma's house, mmm...it was delicious!

Max's 1st Road Trip

Missy wanted to drive lol

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