Monday, February 23, 2009

Park City

This last Saturday, February 21, Brooke and I went to Park City to go to the outlets because Brian had to work all day. We had a lot of fun and got some really cute stuff! It was actually pretty decent weather for still being February and it only got a little cold when the wind would blow. Luckily we got Mason the whole day!! ( Mason is Brooke's little boy.) He slept most of the car ride both on the way up and the way home. When he woke up we were hoping he would be in a good mood and he was! He was so good and wasn't a terror for us at all:) He doesn't like going with people other than his Mommy, but I tricked him a couple times so Brooke could go try on clothes. He actually started warming up to me and would do his cute laugh...which would make me laugh even harder. Even though it was a little extra work bringing him along, it was all worth it! He is such a little cutie! Brooke is lucky to have such a good little boy and who has a really cute personality!
Thanks for a Fun Day Brooke & Little Mason!!

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